Beyond Binary Thinking

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Is America’s Foreign Policy Corrupt or Coherent?

America’s history has always combined colonialist expansion with entrepreneurial spirit. Is Lockheed Martin sponsored war with Iran the inevitable logical step?

Following another longstanding tradition, two Europeans critique American foreign policy.

We’re joined by an American political hip hop artist to help explain whether there’s method to the madness of the orange president, and whether Christian Evangelicals are catalyzing world war three.

We struggle to play devil’s advocate, and discuss how much America will be missed now it’s losing its position of respect as a world power, and running out of money after spending trillions on losing profitable but illegal wars.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

The Satanic Temples Kym LaRoux and Chalice Blythe go Beyond Binary Thinking

I was surprised when two senior leaders of The Satanic Temple agreed to a chat, especially given the organisations’s dramatic growth following the warts and all documentary (now on Netflix).

I came prepared to play devil’s advocate. How can a group whose values include the right to offend be inspiring and thoughtful? How does a growing and popular organisation stop themselves from becoming the powerful theocracy they’re protesting against?

The Satanist label clearly gets a lot of press attention, but isn’t it counterproductive for their work in schools and with mental healthcare? I tried to hold up the mirror to some criticism of their members’ groupthink, and hypocrisy.

They responded thoughtfully, and left us awestruck by the depth of their understanding of religion, psychology, philosophy, and how to change the world for the better.

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And here’s a link to Denied Grace’s music!

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Tuesday, 24 December 2019

How to Learn From People You Disagree With

We invite Ilyas Kassam from Karl Marx Does The Washing Up to discuss discussion, disagreement, if it's broken and how to fix it. Has Social Media really made our echo chambers worse than when we lived in small villages?

Is arguing online merely filling the lonely void since we left those villages?

How do we make these communities, and our conversations more productive and positive? Is argument and disagreement even, destructive?

Is it possible or desirable to win a debate?

Is the need for persuasion a symptom of an ego-driven shouting into the void?

Does shouting "Racist!" at someone really make the world less racist, or is it just you screaming your own prosocial behaviour when there's a more persuasive and nuanced conversation to be had.

Is the Left more nuanced than the Right?

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Monday, 4 November 2019

Can the Left Get Off Twitter Long Enough to Win an Election?

We're joined by Brocialist YouTuber - The Swoletariat to discuss the Twitter Slacktavist Left, and how it can be reformed and utiilised to help the actual left improve and win an election for a change.

Tired of the narrative of "The Rise of the Right" we discuss pragmatically why the left is losing the culture war, how some are turning it around, and why woke scolding, witch hunting gatekeepers are so damaging to the cause.

We tackle identity grifters, dog whistlers and conspiracy theorists on both sides, sharing our heroes and decrying the villains.

Sam Harris, Bill Maher, Owen Jones, Stalin, and the Twitterazi probably wouldn't like this episode.

Contrapoints, Vaush, T1J, Noam Chomsky, Citations Needed, and Bernie Sanders might.

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Friday, 4 October 2019

Beyond a Binary Brexit Debate

While the daydream Brelievers seem asleep at the wheel, the Remoaners' project fear remains as unconvincing as their attempts to call everyone racist.

Most of us ran out of hope and interest years ago, but after failing to avoid the topic, the Beyond Binary Team finally discuss Brexit.

We brought on our favourite troll from the Facebook comments as a guest speaker. Toby's job was to keep the conversation as hilarious and futile as the subject matter.

Chris tried his hardest to defend Brexit in a 3 vs 1 royal rumble.

Were bendy bananas really worth getting this upset over?

If the EU is a Mafia, was it better to be part of the family than in witness protection?

Is Boris Britain's Trump? Is Brexit Farage's wall?

Is this Britain's chance to become a weed growing offshore tax haven (and Europe's Carribean)?

Would anyone turn out for another referendum at this point, and how dangerous would a Gammon stampede be if we ignored the result of the last one?


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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

The EnviroApocalypse

Thankfully we're not Americans, so we don't believe there's a debate about whether climate change exists.

Indeed the same Oil Lobbyists who've bought Congress to deny the existence of climate change, are now pushing the narrative that it's too late to do anything.

So will we abandon hope? Will thoughts and prayers, likes and shares be our only response?

We don't want your hope, we want courage, we want action, we want you to recognize that our politicians aren't going to do anything about it, and that's not an excuse for you to fail the planet too.

Join us in protest, join the discussion and replace fossil fuels and fake news with renewal media sources!

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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Happiness and Meaning. Beyond Hedonism, Nihilism, Materialism and Buddhism

A drunk & hedonistic psychologist, a sober absurdist philosopher, and a high nihilistic anthropologist discuss it all and more, while laughing at the surreal tragedy of trying to find happiness in life, as we celebrate our 10th episode.

Should we search for meaning in life or do we need to create it ourselves?

Is finding meaning key to a happy life?

Is happiness key to a meaningful life?

Can happiness be achieved on an individual scale or do we need community?

Do we need to strive locally or globally to protect the continued survival of our planet, and is it possible or desirable to be happy in a world on the brink of extinction?

Is Capitalism intrinsically linked to materialism, and is that inherently bad if national happiness is linked to a rising GDP?

Is Buddhism the antidote, does it merely numb the pain, or has it already been corrupted and commercialised?

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